Go Healthy with Karen

Health Coaching and Hair Mineral Analysis


Hair Mineral Analysis Testing


Do you struggle with problems relating to weight, energy, brain, mood, pain, digestion or immune system health? 

Do you know if you have toxic levels of heavy metals in your body? 

Could some of these be affecting the way you feel or be leading to disease down the road?

Are you taking the right supplements for your individual mineral/nutrient deficiencies or imbalances?

Would you like to know if you are a fast or slow metabolizer and how you should eat for your specific metabolism type?

                  "TEST DON'T GUESS"


Hair contains all the minerals present in the body including nutritional minerals and toxic heavy metals. The mineral content of hair provides a wealth of information as to your nutritional status and how efficiently your body is working.

A very small, properly obtained hair sample can show the accumulation of toxic metals and your mineral status over a long period of time as opposed to blood testing which gives the information at the moment the blood is taken. Urine sampling gives the information on what the body is excreting but not necessarily what it is absorbing or storing.  


Nutrition Programs


Do you want non-diet, non-judgement nutritional counseling to help you address any current health concerns or to keep you healthy as you grow older?

Do you need help meal planning or prepping? 

Would you like tips and tricks that will help you stick to your plan? 

Would you like assistance to help you reach your nutritional goals? 

Grocery stores can seem like a sea of confusing and misleading labels. Do you know if you are really making healthy choices in the foods that you are spending your hard earned money on? 

I'll teach you to effectively "label read" and  spot hidden, unhealthy ingredients in the foods that you currently have in your pantry, fridge and freezer. 

We'll discuss "good, better and best" substitutions, many that you may not have known existed and where to find them. I'll show you how to make better choices on your own and at your pace. I can even revamp some of your favorite recipes to include healthier ingredients. 

If you live in the greater Atlanta area, you can schedule a Smart Shopping Trip to fast- track putting your plan into action!

Get going on meeting your nutrition and wellness goals!

Lifestyle Detox Programs


Did you know that personal care products alone are manufactured with over 10,500 unique chemical ingredients? How about that many people apply 15 or more products a day?

Removing toxins is so important to our health, not only from the inside but from all around us. 

I teach you to replace hundreds of dangerous chemicals in items you use every day with safer alternatives. 

Learn how to spot toxins in these products, what ingredients to avoid and the toxicity those ingredients potentially pose. You will be amazed at the impact these programs have on your health. 

You can make healthy substitutions at your own pace and organically as you need new items.for one on one coaching whether you choose in person sessions, via video chat or by phone.

Detox your life!

One to One Coaching


Wherever you are I am available, whether in person or via phone or video chat.

Set up a session today!

Pregnacy Coaching


As a certified Dr. Sears Pregnancy Health Coach, I am here to help you Prepare Right Now, Eat Right Now and Live Right Now. 

Whether you are thinking about becoming pregnant, are currently pregnant or are postpartum, I am here to support you.  

If you would like to raise a healthy family, take care of mom and baby and engage dad in the process I can assist you with:

*Natural remedies for many of the ailments experienced during pregnancy

*Exercises that not only make you feel better but also can ease labor

*Nutritional needs for pregnancy and breast-feeding 

*Stress management 

*Creating a healthy home for the whole family, and much more!