Go Healthy with Karen

Health Coaching and Hair Mineral Analysis


PAULA C (ALPHARETTA, GA) - "After a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease by my general practitioner followed by the typical protocol medication that gave me heart palpitations, it was recommended I see an endocrinologist. With months of waiting to get in for this appointment and symptoms continuing to worsen, I found Karen Stein.

She walked me through a path of understanding the impact that chemicals have on our lives in our everyday products and food. She followed with a detailed report outlining what needed to change, recommendations of products to change to and chemicals to be aware of for future items we purchased. I started changing my everyday products like shampoo, make-up, laundry detergent, food storage containers to the food itself.

After two months of starting the chemical detox process, some of my most debilitating symptoms that kept me many days from leaving home started to subside significantly.  I couldn’t be more grateful that Karen not only entered my life, but helped give me control over my life and health!"

JENNIFER B (JOHNS CREEK, GA) - "Karen is not only the most skilled and knowledgeable professional in this field of work, but she is an absolute joy to work with. I had the Ultimate Lifestyle Detox Makeover and it has been truly life changing not only for myself but for my entire family. I thought that I was knowledgeable in this area as I had done some of my own research for years on healthy eating, label reading, safe products to use in my home, etc. 

Once I began to talk with Karen, I realized how much more I had not considered and how many daily things I was using in my home and putting in our bodies that was causing a strain on my family's health.  Her recommendations were so simple to implement but would have taken me years of research and trial and error. She was so helpful and she gives a customized plan of exactly what recommended changes could be made to make a difference. Within a very short time, I could make changes with little effort that would be life changing for me and my family's health and wellness!"

JULIA B (KENNESAW, GA) - "Karen is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration in life. To understand the level of passion, dedication and value she adds to her clients is something I respect in her as a professional, and as a woman. 

Karen presented a program I attended on the benefits of living a healthy life from the inside out. We were left in awe of her knowledge, but more than that, her natural gift to inspire others to lead a healthier, more intentional life.   

Karen is a gift in a world where people are bombarded with choices and will no doubt guide her clients to become their very best. Her impact on others is priceless. She leads others to do more and her healthy inspiration touched me in ways that left me better than I was when she found me. I look at life and my choices for healthy living with a whole new excitement and passion because of Karen. I would follow her anywhere."


LISA R (ALPHARETTA, GA). - "As usual I decided in January that I was going to start the year off right. But this time I wanted to really make it stick. I wanted and needed to lose 20 pounds, I was addicted to artificial sweeteners and was consuming way too many carbs, my skin looked extra dry and my hair was brittle. I never slept more than 5 hours a night.

I constantly had stomach aches after eating and generally I just felt lethargic and blah and worried that it would only get worse if I didn’t take control. I needed a drastic change in not only my diet but in my environment and lifestyle. I had read about how household products, cosmetic and personal products and of course food have huge effects on health but I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin to try to purge myself of all the toxins in my life. I was about to give up because it was too confusing and too much work to overhaul everything and I was afraid to do it wrong and end up feeling worse...but then I met Karen! 

I needed someone to guide me through the changes I needed to make. I couldn’t do it all on my own. Well that’s exactly what I got! Karen already did all the research that I was attempting to do on my own. She took 18 years to learn what I was attempting to tackle on my own. I started with just a consultation to make sure this was something I even wanted to do. Well after 15 minutes talking to Karen I was convinced that I met the right person to help me on my journey to better health.

Without Karen’s help I am convinced I would never have made these changes on my own. She held my hand through the entire journey and gave me very specific goals to reach.  I’m extremely motivated to continue making more changes for myself and my family. 

KIM W (CHARLESTON, SC) - "I have an autoimmune disorder and can seldom leave my house. I was hesitant about using a coach/consultant that was over the phone and video chat as I thought the person needed to be face to face. I can't tell you how incredibly helpful and productive my sessions were with Karen using video chat. It was so simple and after sending her a few pictures of my pantry, she helped me with the most amazing, simple changes that I could easily implement even while ill. I had never considered that some of the daily things I am eating that I thought were organic, natural or healthy were not necessarily the best choices for me. 

I loved my coaching sessions with Karen so much I am signed up to do my Household Detox Makeover next. I can't wait for my next session and it's so easy to do on my iPad."

ALAN M (OLD SAYBROOK, CT) - "My wife has several health conditions including Lyme Disease. The work that she did with Karen on the Ultimate Lifestyle Detox Makeover was really amazing even though I was skeptical at first. When my wife told me she wanted a consultant to help her with this, I though to myself, can't she just read this stuff online? Not knowing what I didn't know, I had no idea how confusing it could all be and how many toxins were in our own home and we were putting on and in our bodies when we thought we were already living a pretty healthy life. 

All I know is that in a short time, my wife began to experience changes to her health. Not only did her health and her outlook change but I have to admit that I am even noticing a difference in how I feel. Now I think that this was the best money that we ever spent!"

LAURIE B (MARIETTA, GA) - "I cannot say enough about how amazing Karen with Go Healthy with Karen is! I heard Karen's story, what she believes in and the difference she has made in her family's life, especially her husband. I knew I needed to learn more. When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a fairly young age, I asked his doctor why so many young men seem to get prostate cancer. He said without hesitation "I feel diet is a huge contributing factor, especially the artificial ingredients in our food". He also mentioned that he felt that all the other chemicals in our homes and environment may play a role as well. 

Karen is so knowledgeable in every aspect of our daily routine including all the things that we eat, that surround us in our home, food storage, laundry products, personal care products, etc. It is overwhelming when you start to really look at what is in these products and how dangerous they can be to our families. 

I had the Nutrition Makeover and Karen definitely provided me with an arsenal of information without discounting our current lifestyle, way of eating and the things that I had previously purchased. Now I want to learn even more from her! Karen is a wealth of information and she has been a great benefit to my family, our way of thinking, what we buy and how we live our daily lives. I highly recommend her to anyone that is tired of all the false information we receive and the awful things that we are unknowingly using and putting into our bodies. Go Healthy with Karen will continue to make a difference in our lives!"